February 19 - February 25

Tuesday February 20, Molly is teaching for Gillian, Vinyasa Flow 9:30-10:45 am

Wednesday February 21, Laurel is teaching for Diane, Breathe Stretch Flow 12:30-1:30 pm

Saturday February 24, Carol is teaching for Lynne, Yoga Fit Fusion  12:00-1:00 pm

February 26 - March 4

Wednesday February 28, Michelle is teaching for Sarah, Breathing Meditation and Mindfulness 8:00 am

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Class Descriptions


Vinyasa Yoga- Vinyasa focuses on the connection of breath to movement while fostering a challenging practice. Creative sequences and poses cultivate flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance while rejuvenating the mind. It is taught at a faster pace so knowing the basics is helpful.

Moderate Flow- This class links yoga poses into a sequence of movements that "flow" with the breath. The postures lead naturally from one to the other while building heat in the body. Poses are held for multiple breaths to allow students to feel correct alignment and gain awareness of the body. The first part of the class will contain a blend of sun salutations, standing and balancing postures, and core work. The latter part of class will include deep stretching to promote flexibility in the joints. With continued practice, beginners will gain experience and confidence, and more experienced students will be challenged mentally by moving deeper into the pose. Appropriate modifications and assists are provided to help students of all levels learn and progress.

Yin and Yang Yoga- A meditative and grounding slow-paced flow, paired with deep tissue stretching to release tension held in the body. This class relieves stress, and balances the nervous system. An antidote to the fast and busy pace of life, Yin/Yang Yoga is a class that balances Yin yoga with traditional Yang yoga. Yin yoga penetrates deep into the connective tissues in the body, which helps to strengthen the joints, aid in healing, and increase energy flow. Yang yoga is a more traditional hatha asana practice that develops muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility. You will leave class feeling more calm and grounded.

Slow Vinyasa Flow- In this class, we move carefully through the practice. Slowing things down helps us to pay attention to details such as alignment and awareness of where we are in our space. Paying attention to how our breath is so intimately linked to each movement, we can begin to explore asana as moving meditation. Patangali's Sutras, traditional Hatha Yoga and Mantra are also interwoven into the class. Our session ends with a guided relaxation as we explore the Subtle Body in Sarvasana.

Breathe, Stretch and Flow- This class focuses on uniting your breath with movement and establishing a practice that supports you. We work on achieving the union of breath, mind and body. We will mindfully spend our time together to get centered, warm up with gentle stretches, explore sun salutations, strength building poses, balance work and Vinyasa flow. You will learn to customized asana to meet your needs. This class welcomes beginners as well as others who want to rejuvenate their practice.

Core Fusion- Core Fusion is a style of yoga that integrates breath work, core-strength, movement, and awareness. This class places a special emphasis on the importance of the core as a stabilizing force in ones yoga practice.

Relax and Unwind- A class designed to help you unwind from your day/week that incorporates deep breath with long holds in poses. Allow your mind and body to rest and rejuvenate with this slow moving, calming class.
 Community Class- Taught by our newest teachers, the community class allows for students to practice freely and openly. Helpful and constructive feedback to teachers is always appreciated and welcome. All proceeds are donated to local charities.

Yin Yoga- Yin yoga is the balancing practice of a more active yoga practice. We hold poses for longer to explore the deeper muscles and connective tissues.

Gentle and Joyful Vinyasa- Gentle and Joyful is a Vinyasa class that is an opportunity to slow your practice down. We are mindful of injuries, instability, and pain, and work with these issues to create ease and balance. In this class we start on the mat for easeful stretches, transitioning to standing postures, then back onto the mat for relaxation. Learn how to modify your practice to feel a full expression of yoga. Learn how to use your breath as a tool for comfort, peace, and joy.

Power Pilates- Mat Pilates is a great addition to any yoga practice. Join us on the mat for an hour of strengthening, stretching and working from the inside out. With regular practice, you will notice improved posture, body awareness and even a change in your physical appearance. This class will challenge you with posture but it is so worth it!

Booty Barre- Lengthening and strengthening the muscles is the focus of this 60 minute intense "workout." A compliment to your yoga practice, barre focuses on body parts. We will use the bar for stretching & toning, free weights for the upper body and floor work for an all over toning.


Aerial Yoga- Aerial yoga is for everybody. No yoga or aerial arts experience necessary! YES, that means that YOU CAN DO IT! Students are introduced to getting into and out of the fabric and to ways the fabric can assist in basic stretches. A series of basic aerial yoga poses are introduced. The class culminates in the basic inversion in the hammock to those who want to participate. Each class ends in "cocooning", participants rest their whole body in the silky hammock and are lead through savasana/deep relaxation while elevated in the air.




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