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Barre-Fit Teacher Training

Learn to teach classes known to be the most effective way to change the shape of the body. Using isometric movements that combine Pilates, strength training, and yoga, coupled with ballet barre flexibility routine, Barre-fit targets all major muscle groups for an invigorating total body workout.

Understand the dynamics of each and every exercise and what the focus is.

Experience how postural dysfunctions must not be overlooked and why they need to be addressed to create better exercise choices for your students and, why not all exercises are appropriate for all.

You do not need dance experience to attend as you will walk away feeling empowered to teach this unique method of Barre-fit.

You will receive a manual and a specialty certificate good for 2 years.

You can be of any age as our method is safe and effective for all ages. You will not need a Barre at home; you will learn how to control the body through selected stabilization and modifications suited for your students.

We incorporate select methodology to protect the back in ALL floor work exercises so not one student will ever leave with back pain.

If you have Pilates experience it is a plus, but we do not adhere to classical training rather a safer and more modern approach.

Training will be led by Tom Slattery of Open Studio Teacher Trainings


Thomas Slattery’s study of yoga and barre was a natural extension of his career as a dancer. He has had the opportunity of studying with many great teachers who have both educated and inspired him to share the wonderful benefits of yoga & barre with others. Tom is a master yoga practitioner, artist, and dedicated fitness advocate. He has incorporated influences from several different yoga systems along with his passion for dance and movement of the human form to develop his unique approach. He has been a professional dancer for decades, including seven spent in Paris performing with a leading cabaret. While in Europe he studied art and design. His work as an artist has evolved with his passion for both yoga and dance, and the balance it brings to his life. Tom now facilitates Yoga & Barre Fit masterclasses and teacher trainings, and strives to lead students in practices that are unique, informative, and motivating. His supportive style of teaching and enthusiastic sense of humor consistently leaves his students enthusiastic, thoughtful, and smiling.

10 training hours/3 days:
Friday 2/6
. 6 - 7pm Saturday 2/7 . 1:30 - 5:30 pm Sunday 2/8 . 11:30 - 4:30pm
Tuition: $350.00